Exploring the universe of Strategic Risk: Deloitte report


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Business executives around the world say their understanding of the universe of strategic risk is changing. Our survey of 300 major international and 234 local companies reveals how.

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Key findings

  • Strategic risk is an area of major focus: 81% of surveyed companies now have an explicit focus on managing strategic risks.
  • Reputation is cited as the #1 risk – not just overall, but for most individual industry sectors.
  • Strategic risk management is a CEO and board-level priority. Two thirds (67%) of the surveyed companies say the CEO, board or board risk committee has oversight when it comes to managing strategic risk.
  • Technology enablers and disrupters, such as social, mobile, and big data, could threaten established business models, and 91% of companies surveyed have changed their business strategies since those technologies began to emerge.
  • Human capital and innovation pipeline are expected to be the top strategic assets that businesses will need to invest in.


Paul P Roberts‘s insight:

Very interesting report from Deloitte on strategic risk. Page 13 has a graphic highlighting the enablers and disruptors that most companies fear, social media near the top for Europe.

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Fonetic picks up fraud from voice analytics – FT.com


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Voice analytics software developed by a Spanish company is helping to prevent fraud in the financial system. Madrid-based Fonetic has developed software that allows financial services companies to monitor and assess telephone conversations involving

Paul P Roberts‘s insight:

An interesting add on to CATI interviews, see whether the responses someone is giving over the phone is actually the truth or something they think you want to hear. 

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Consumer Barometer

Consumer barometer.

Source: www.consumerbarometer.com

Google put online the results one of of its owns studies. UK averages 3.1 connected devices per person #mrx

HDI 109 3D scanner optimizes 3D scanning

LMI Technologies has released a new 3D scanner, the HDI 109. The scanner is perfect for creating digital models and files that can then be 3D printed.

Source: www.inside3dp.com

Would like one of these for home

Can wearables improve business? – Think Progress

Recent smartwatch and head-mounted display launches have caught consumer interest in a major way, but can wearables really be of benefit in the workplace?

Source: www.think-progress.com

A great amount of effort is going into developing wearables for the consumer markets, interesting article beginning to explore the use of wearables in the workplace. Be interesting to see where this goes. 

Burberry shortens path to purchase with Twitter’s In Tweet Purchases – Luxury Daily – Commerce

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Will be interesting to see how this develops. Will test the impulse purchase discussions, lots of emotional purchases…. #mrx

This E-Tattoo Uses Conventional Chips, No Nanotech Required

Look out, Fitbit.

Source: motherboard.vice.com

Could think of a whole number of ways this could be used in research,  and in my own life. No more waiting at the train barriers for one.